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Pal B. Stock was born in Debrecen, Hungary and was supposed to be a veterinarian. His passion for art and painting, however, was profound and drove him a very different direction. Instead of studying the sciences, Pal entered the Art Academy in Budapest. He loved the academy, but the political climate and corruption in Hungary forced him to leave the academy before he finished. It also forced him to leave Hungary. He settled in Munich for a period of 'survival' as he struggled to make his way. He was unable to paint or pursue his art studies during this time.

Many years later, in1995, Pal moved to New York City and revived his passion as a painter. He found an inspiring circle of fellow artists and explored a number of different media. It was during this period that Pal developed his unique method using beeswax, oil and wood. Given that wax was a fundamental part of his childhood, it was not surprising that this material created an almost magnetic attraction for him. For Pal, there seemed no other choice but to paint with wax.

Pal had a challenging though wonderful and resonant childhood. He grew up in a poor household without electricity. Candles were the only source of light – bringing life and light to their everyday existence. This was especially true for Pal as he used the candlelight to read. He would sit very close to the candle and often "play" with the wax to extend the length of the candle's life.

Pal's paintings are always about beauty – the beauty of life and the joy of living.
Pal is inspired by nature. He works with organic shapes centrally placed, destroys this form, places this form together again, and then puts it on another level so it can live on his paintings. He has countless stored images and impressions from a challenging and eventful life and from extensive travel. The images are about beauty, peace, harmony – all of which serve as a
prompt for spirituality.

The backgrounds of Pal's paintings are simple and monochrome, allowing the color and body in the foreground to be more powerful. His unique technique allows him to craft a glow that transcends the transparency of the beeswax. It is often reminiscent of perhaps a candle burning behind the painting. Wax and oil paint don't mix, creating tension in the image. The surface, background, colors and abstract forms remain in constant dialogue with each other and the viewer. This tension creates the illusion of moving space. The viewer is literally drawn into the unconscious sensuality of the surface - into the beauty of this movement.

Pal's wonderful 'eye' and abilities have a sad component as well. He lost the majority of his vision to an infection a few years ago. Rather than defeating him, this invigorated his drive to share his vision. With dots@tears, Pal embraces his desire to see properly again one day.

Pal paints from his heart and his own emotions. He wants to leave the viewer to their own emotions and their own interpretation of his images. He has learned that "people experience his work very differently." Where some see nature's fury, others may see beauty. Where some see darkness, still others see spirituality. Pal intentionally doesn't name his works. The viewer is invited to 'feel' his work with their own life story, mood and experience.

Pal has been an accomplished artist for many years, exhibiting in numerous single and group-shows in the United States and Europe. His work can be found in private as well as corporate collections.